Backing up management database

To back up the database manually

Admin panel

Go to Settings > System settings > Management database backup, and then click Back up now.

Once the backup is complete, the date and time in the Last backup time field will be refreshed.

Do not rename the backup file! Otherwise you will not be able to restore the management database from it.

Command-line interface

Use the following command:

vinfra cluster backup create

You can view the details of the last cluster backup and the ID of the ongoing backup task, if any, in the vinfra cluster backup show output:

# vinfra cluster backup show
| Field                | Value                       |
| last_backup_date     | 2019-08-21T15:41:24+00:00   |
| last_backup_location | /mnt/vstorage/webcp/backup/ |
| ready                | True                        |
| tasks                | []                          |