Benchmarking and performance

This section describes how to set up the storage cluster of Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure, to run performance benchmarks for the network, storage disks, and virtual machines, as well as for the NFS, iSCSI, and S3 protocols. It also explains how to identify and troubleshoot typical performance issues in Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure.

We recommend benchmarking the infrastructure to ensure that the measured performance matches your expectations. Benchmarking is impossible while the system is used for production workloads, as benchmarks will yield unreliable results and might disrupt user activities or significantly decrease performance. You can perform the benchmarks immediately as soon as the cluster is deployed and configured. At this stage, most performance issues and misconfigurations can be detected and prevented. The information obtained with benchmarking only measures actual performance and may be not sufficient to highlight performance issues. This information helps to understand if performance is up to expectations, and can be used for comparison with monitoring tools during normal cluster activity.

The specifics of every permutation of network environment, hardware platform, and workload cannot be covered in every detail. This section offers generic instructions on setting up a test environment, so your mileage may vary.