Compute metrics

Metrics that are used to generate compute alerts are added to the alerting rules and can be found in these files on any node in the cluster:

  • /var/lib/prometheus/alerts/docker.rules
  • /var/lib/prometheus/alerts/openstack_cluster.rules
  • /var/lib/prometheus/alerts/openstack_node.rules
  • /var/lib/prometheus/alerts/openstack_projects.rules
  • /var/lib/prometheus/alerts/openstack_services.rules
  • /var/lib/prometheus/alerts/rabbitmq.rules

The most important of these metrics are described in the table:

Metric Description
Service state metrics
openstack_cinder_up Shows if the OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) service is up and running
openstack_cinder_agent_state State of the OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) agent
openstack_glance_up Shows if the OpenStack Image (Glance) service is up and running
openstack_heat_up Shows if the OpenStack Orchestration (Heat) service is up and running
openstack_container_infra_up Shows if the OpenStack Container (Magnum) service is up and running
openstack_neutron_up Shows if the OpenStack Networking (Neutron) service is up and running
openstack_neutron_agent_state State of the OpenStack Networking (Neutron) agent
openstack_nova_up Shows if the OpenStack Compute (Nova) service is up and running
openstack_nova_agent_state State of the OpenStack Compute (Nova) agent
openstack_loadbalancer_up Shows if the OpenStack Load Balancer (Octavia) service is up and running
openstack_placement_up Shows if the OpenStack Placement service is up and running
Resource metrics
openstack_nova_limits_memory_max Project memory quota, in megabytes
openstack_nova_limits_memory_used Memory used by a project, in megabytes
openstack_nova_limits_vcpus_max Project vCPU quota
openstack_nova_limits_vcpus_used vCPUs used by a project
openstack_neutron_network_ip_availabilities_total Project IP address quota
openstack_neutron_network_ip_availabilities_used IP addresses used by a project
openstack_placement_resource_allocation_ratio Virtual CPU/RAM to physical CPU/RAM allocation ratio
openstack_placement_resource_reserved Number of vCPUs or amount of RAM reserved for the system or storage services
openstack_placement_resource_total Total number of vCPUs or total amount of RAM
openstack_placement_resource_usage Number of vCPUs or amount of RAM provisioned fo virtual machines
RabbitMQ metrics
softwareupdates_node_info Currently installed version and available version for a specific node
backend_ha_reconfigure Shows if the HA reconfiguration task is in progress
backend_node_management Number of management nodes. Shows whether high availability is enabled or not.
rabbitmq_build_info Number of nodes in the RabbitMQ cluster
rabbitmq_queues Number of RabbitMQ queues
Other metrics
openstack_identity_project_info Project information
openstack_nova_server_status Virtual machine status
node_systemd_unit_state State of the systemd services on a node

Shows availability of the virtual DHCP servers:

  • 0.0 – The DHCP server is not available
  • 1.0 – The HA mode is not working
  • 2.0 – The DHCP servers are working in the HA mode
  • 3.0+ – There are too many DHCP servers in the cluster