Configuring branding for the self-service panel

You can customize the user interface of the self-service panel by applying your own branding theme to it. Branding theme includes the product title, favicon, logos, and the panel color scheme.

The following branding themes are available:

  • Default is the default theme that is configured for and applied to all domains. You can change this theme on the Settings > System settings > Self-service portal screen. If required, you can discard all your changes to the default branding theme by resetting it to factory defaults.
  • Personal is a custom theme that is configured for each domain separately. You can change this theme by navigating to the required domain and switching to the Settings > Branding theme screen. If you want to re-apply the default theme for a domain, reset its personal branding theme to default.

To configure the branding theme

  • In the Product title section, click the pencil icon to change the product title displayed on the self-service web-browser tab. In a window that opens, specify a product title, and then click Save.
  • In the Favicon section, click Upload or the displayed image to upload a favicon for the self-service panel, and then select an image file in the .png or .ico format. The image must be 32 x 32 pixels in dimensions.
  • In the Logos section, upload two versions of the same logo: left-aligned and centered:
    1. Under Logo for the header, click Upload or the displayed image, and then browse to the left-aligned logo version. This image will be used as the panel header.
    2. Under Logo for the login screen, click Upload or the displayed image, and browse to the centered logo. It will be used at the login screen.
  • The images must be 256 x 64 pixels in dimensions and up to 2 MB in size. The following image formats are supported: .png, .jpg, or .svg. In case of .png, a transparent background is recommended.

  • In the Color scheme section, click Change to select a color scheme for the self-service panel. In a window that opens, select the desired color scheme, and then click Apply.

To reset the branding theme to default

Click Reset to default next to the Branding theme field, and then click Reset in the confirmation window.

After the reset, the default branding theme will use factory defaults while a personal branding theme will be replaced by the default theme.