Creating external storage policies

Once you connect an external storage to the compute cluster, you can start using it by creating external storage policies and applying them to new volumes.


  • External storage policies cannot be applied to existing compute volumes.
  • External storage policies can only be edited via the command-line interface.


To create an external storage policy

Use the vinfra service compute storage-policy create command specifying the external storage and desired custom parameters in the key-value format.

# vinfra service compute storage-policy create <policy_name> --storage <storage_name> --params <key=value>[,<key2=value2>,...]

For example, to create the storage policy pure-policy for the external storage pure-storage, run:

# vinfra service compute storage-policy create pure-policy --storage pure-storage

In the admin panel, the created storage policy will appear with the External type.

Once you create as many storage policies for your external storage as required, you can start applying them to new compute volumes.