This section describes the installation process of Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure.


  • A display for the installation program must have a minimum screen resolution of 800x600. With 800x600, however, you may experience issues with the user interface. For example, some elements can be inaccessible. The recommended screen resolution is at least 1024x768.
  • One node can be a part of only one cluster.
  • We only support the UTC time zone. Changing the time zone for nodes is not supported and may lead to system unavailability.


Installation overview

  1. Obtain the distribution ISO image. To do that, visit the product page and submit a request for the trial version.

  2. Prepare the bootable media by using the distribution ISO image: create a bootable USB drive, mount the distribution image to an IPMI virtual drive, or set up a PXE server.
  3. If the server's display resolution is lower than 800x600, connect to the server from a remote machine via VNC.
  4. If you plan to perform an unattended installation, create a kickstart file.
  5. Install Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure on each server in the attended or unattented mode.