Limiting performance

In some cases, it is preferable to limit the performance of the system or one of its components, usually to slow down the usage growth or avoid interference between different services.

Backup storage throttling

The backup storage service automatically starts to throttle incoming traffic when the storage usage exceeds a certain threshold, to slow down the growth rate and avoid filling the system. To tune the throttling parameters, navigate to the Throttling configuration tab on the backup storage Settings screen in the admin panel.

Re-encoding throttling

The re-encoding process is usually limited, to avoid an impact on other services. We do not recommend changing the default settings, unless re-encoding is the only service running in the cluster.

The default number of re-encoding processes is 1. To check the number of concurrent re-encoding processes, run:

# cat /mnt/vstorage/

To change the number of concurrent re-encoding processes, run:

# echo <NUMBER> > /mnt/vstorage/

For example:

# echo 4 > /mnt/vstorage/