Managing compute networks

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure provides secure and isolated virtual networking for virtual machines using VXLAN encapsulation. The distributed virtual switching and routing simplify VM network configuration, and the built-in firewall makes it more secure. The integrated DHCP, IP, and DNS management provides for enhanced configuration of the network.

In the compute cluster, you can create and manage two types of networks:

  • Virtual networks are VXLAN-based overlay networks that can be used for intercommunication between virtual machines (VMs). Each virtual network is isolated from other virtual networks, as well as physical networks. Virtual networks support only IPv4 address management.
  • Physical networks use IP address ranges of public infrastructure networks. Such networks can be used to provide Internet access to VMs. Physical networks support both IPv4 and IPv6 address management.


  • When you create load balancers or Kubernetes clusters with highly available master nodes, the lb-mgmt-net virtual network appears in the compute cluster. This network is used by the system for load balancing. It is marked with the System tag and cannot be modified or deleted.