Managing placements for compute nodes

A placement is a group of compute nodes that share a distinctive feature. It can be a special license for software to run in virtual machines or an advanced CPU model. When you group nodes into a placement, you can assign it to an image or a flavor. Then, all of the VMs created from this image or with this flavor will be placed on the nodes with the assigned placement. In this way, you can create placements to assign VMs that need a specific feature to the nodes that have it.

When using placements, keep in mind that Kubernetes clusters and load balancers are created from predefined OS images, which follow the same placement rules as all other compute images. You need to assign the correct placement to these images:

  • For Kubernetes clusters—to fedora-coreos-x64-k8saas
  • For load balancers—to amphora-x64-haproxy