Managing project assignment to domain groups

Once you create a domain group with the role Project member, you can assign projects to it. Projects that you assign to a domain group will be automatically assigned to all of the domain group users.


To manage projects of a domain group

Admin panel

  1. On the Settings > Projects and users screen, click the domain, within which you want to edit a domain group.
  2. Go to the Domain groups tab, click the ellipsis icon next to the group with the Project member role, and then click Manage projects.
  3. In the Manage projects window, select projects to assign to the group or to unassign from the group, and then click Assign.

Command-line interface

Use the following command:

vinfra domain group set [--assign <project> <role>] [--unassign <project>] --domain <domain> <group>
--assign <project> <role>

Assign a group to a project with one or more permission sets. Specify this option multiple times to assign the group to multiple projects.

  • <project>: project ID or name
  • <role>: group role in the project (project_admin)
--unassign <project>

Unassign a group from a project. Specify this option multiple times to unassign the group from multiple projects.

  • <project>: project ID or name
--domain <domain>
Domain name or ID
Group ID or name

For example, to assign the group myusers within the domain mydomain to the project myproject as a project administrator, run:

# vinfra domain group set myusers --domain mydomain --assign myproject project_admin