Monitoring infrastructure nodes

Nodes added to the infrastructure are listed on the Infrastructure > Nodes screen. If the storage cluster has not been created yet, you will only see nodes with the Unassigned status.

A node can have one of the following statuses:

All the storage services on the node are running.
One or more storage services on the node have failed.
In maintenance
The node is in maintenance mode. It does not participate in new chunk allocation.
The configuration of deployed services and infrastructure is being recovered on the node.
Recovery failed
The recovery process has failed on the node.
In progress
The node is deploying, entering, or exiting maintenance. Nodes in this state cannot be managed.
The node is not assigned to a storage cluster.

To view the node details

Admin panel

Open the Infrastructure > Nodes screen and click the required node line. On the right pane, the Overview tab includes the node details, such as the node ID and hostname, its status and location, assigned IP addresses, deployed services, and the number of disks and network interfaces.

Command-line interface

Use the following command:

vinfra node show <node>
Node ID or hostname

For example, to view the details of the node node003, run:

# vinfra node show node003
| Field         | Value                                |
| has_kvm       | True                                 |
| host          | node003.vstoragedomain               |
| id            | c4d14337-0863-4a67-9dbd-f19c3e49e114 |
| is_assigned   | True                                 |
| is_in_ha      | False                                |
| is_installing | False                                |
| is_online     | True                                 |
| is_primary    | False                                |
| is_virt       | False                                |
| maintenance   |                                      |
| orig_hostname | node003                              |
| roles         | cses:                                |
|               |   active: 4                          |
|               |   being_released: 0                  |
|               | mdses:                               |
|               |   avail: 1                           |
|               |   being_released: 0                  |
|               |   is_master: true                    |
| tasks         |                                      |

In the command output, the node details include the node ID, hostname, the number and status of storage services. Also, you can check whether the node is joined to the storage cluster and HA configuration, and if it is online or in the maintenance mode.

To view all processes on nodes

Go to the Monitoring > Dashboard screen, and then click Grafana dashboard. A separate browser tab will open with preconfigured Grafana dashboards. Open the Process details dashboard, to see a list of processes on your infrastructure nodes. The charts on this dashboard show CPU and memory usage for each process. The displayed data can be filtered per node or process group.