Provisioning billing metering

The billing metering service collects, stores, and provides usage metrics for resources consumed by end users in their projects. This compute service opens port 8041 and enables two Gnocchi services: gnocchi-api, an HTTP server, and gnocchi-metricd, a metric daemon.


  • The metering service will only take into account compute objects created after it has been enabled.
  • In the current version of Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure, the installed service cannot be removed.


  • The compute cluster is created, as described in Creating the compute cluster.
  • Before deploying the metering service, ensure that you have tier 0 in your storage.

To install the billing metering service

Admin panel

  1. Go to the Settings > Add-on services screen.
  2. In the Billing metering service section, click Install.

Command-line interface

Run the following command:

# vinfra service compute set --enable-metering