Signing in through identity providers

After connecting to an identity provider, you can obtain the direct link to the self-service login page and share it with federated users. On this login page, federated users need to click Sign in with <identity_provider> to be redirected to their identity provider for authentication. Upon successful authentication, federated users are redirected back to the self-service panel.

If the Implicit Flow is used for authorization, the AD FS authorization endpoint must support the Form Post Response Mode.

If federated users are added to a domain group within the Default domain with the System administrator permissions, they will also be able to log in to the admin panel through their identity provider.


To share the self-service panel URL with federated users

  1. On the Projects and users screen, click the required domain.
  2. Switch to the Settings > Identity provider screen, and then click the arrow icon next to the identity provider, to expand the detailed information.
  3. In Self-service panel URL, copy the direct link to the self-service panel, and then share it with the federated users.