Deleting load balancers

DELETE /v2/lbaas/loadbalancers/{loadbalancer_id}

Delete a load balancer with the specified ID.

The optional parameter cascade when defined as true will delete all child objects of the load balancer.

The API immediately purges any and all configuration data, depending on the configuration settings. You cannot recover it.




Name In Type Description
loadbalancer_id path uuid The ID of the load balancer to query.
cascade (Optional) query boolean If true will delete all child objects of the load balancer.


# curl -ks -X DELETE -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'X-Auth-Token: gAAAAA<...>' \


Status codes


Code Reason
204 - No Content The server has fulfilled the request.


Code Reason
400 - Bad Request

Some content in the request was invalid.

401 - Unauthorized

User must authenticate before making a request.

403 - Forbidden

Policy does not allow current user to do this operation.

404 - Not Found

The requested resource could not be found.

409 - Conflict

This operation conflicted with another operation on this resource.

500 - Internal Server Error

Something went wrong inside the service. This should not happen usually. If it does happen, it means the server has experienced some serious problems.