Changing the storage policy for volumes

If you use redundancy by replication for a compute volume, you can update the chosen redundancy scheme by changing the storage policy. With redundancy by erasure coding, however, changing the redundancy scheme applied to the volume is disabled. The storage policy can only be changed for available volumes, that is, volumes not attached to any virtual machines.


  • Only storage policies enabled by project quotas will be available for selection.
  • Changing the storage policy with the erasure coding redundancy type is disabled.
  • You cannot change the storage policy of a volume with the "In use" status.


To change the storage policy of a volume

  1. On the Volumes screen, click a volume.
  2. Click the pencil icon in the Storage policy field.
  3. Select a new storage policy, and then click the tick icon. You can choose only between storage policies with the replication redundancy type.