Querying S3 user information via CLI

To display information about the specified user, use the ostor-s3-admin query-user-info command. You need to specify either the user email (-e) or S3 ID (-i). For example:

# ostor-s3-admin query-user-info -e user@email.com -V 0100000000000002
Query user: user id=d866d9d114cc3d20, user email=user@email.com
Key pair[0]: access key id=d866d9d114cc3d20G456,
secret access key=5EAne6PLL1jxprouRqq8hmfONMfgrJcOwbowCoTt
Key pair[1]: access key id=d866d9d114cc3d20D8EW,
secret access key=83tTsNAuuRyoBBqhxMFqHAC60dhKHtTCCkQe54zu