10.4. Converting CentOS 8 in Containers to Virtuozzo Linux 8

To convert CentOS 8 in one or more containers to Virtuozzo Linux 8, do the following:

  1. Install the conversion tools:

    # yum install vzdeploy8
  2. Find the convertable containers. For example:

    # vzconvert8 list
    ct1 (3f85ee14-40d2-47ff-b9ea-5855226ae7cc)
    ct2 (4fb8edc8-9a1e-45ac-9adb-aca8e78b57c6)
    ct3 (70ea3ab8-7b92-4f53-aa1a-b471e38e9e7d)
  3. Start the conversion. For example:

    # vzconvert8 convert --parallel 3 ct1 ct2 ct3

    In this example, all specified containers are converted in parallel. Omit --parallel <N> to have the containers converted one by one.

After the procedure completes, you can check that it was successful. For example:

prlctl list -a -o name,uuid,dist
ct1  {3f85ee14-40d2-47ff-b9ea-5855226ae7cc}  vzlinux8
ct2  {4fb8edc8-9a1e-45ac-9adb-aca8e78b57c6}  vzlinux8
ct3  {70ea3ab8-7b92-4f53-aa1a-b471e38e9e7d}  vzlinux8

Note that the following containers cannot be converted for now:

  • Running cPanel and Plesk

  • With repositories other than official and EPEL


If conversion fails with “[Errno 24] Too many open files”, try increasing the corresponding limit, which is 1024 by default, and restart the conversion. For example, run ulimit -n 10240 to increase the limit of open files to 10240. It will last until the end of the session.