1.6. High Availability Considerations

Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure provides high availability for all running VMs to protect against hardware node failures. Parallels RAS can provide an additional level of redundancy by deploying multiple publishing agents. This may be needed to achieve service continuity during VM restart on hardware node failures or during PA VM maintenance or VM guest OS issues.

This guide explains how to set up two publishing agents in the MSP broker tenant. This is done mainly for the continuity of the DNS service as it is the most critical on the broker for gateway connectivity to applications in the client tenant. If you have two external DNSes, you can install only one PA in the MSP broker tenant.

The guide also instructs to set up two publishing agents in the client tenant. This is done for the continuity of both the DNS and PA services. For more details Parallels RAS PA high availability, consult the Parallels RAS Administrator’s guide.