6.2. Managing Add-On Services

You can deploy the following additional services for the compute cluster:

  • The Kubernetes service allows you to deploy scalable and production-ready Kubernetes clusters with pre-integrated persistent storage. For more details, see Viewing and Deleting Kubernetes Clusters.


    Intalling Kubernetes automatically installs the load balancer service as well.

  • The load balancer service enables workload scaling and improves application availability and security. To learn how to manage load balancers, see Managing Load Balancers.

  • The billing metering service collects, stores, and provides usage metrics for resources consumed by end users in their projects. For more information, refer to the “Using Metering for Compute Resources” section of the Administrator’s Command Line Guide.


    The metering service will only take into account compute objects created after it has been enabled.

On the SETTINGS > Add-on services screen, click Install for the service you want to deploy. One service can be installed at a time.


The load balancer service is installed along with the Kubernetes service as a dependency.


In the current version of Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform, installed services cannot be removed.