1.2. Hardware Requirements

A minimum Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform installation recommended for production consists of three nodes for storage and compute services with enabled high availability for the management node. This is to ensure that the cluster can survive failure of one node without data loss. The following table lists the minimal hardware requirements for all the three nodes. The recommended configurations are provided in the “Hardware Requirements” section of the Installation Guide.

Table 1.2.1 Node hardware requirements
Type Management and storage/compute node

64-bit x86 processors with AMD-V or Intel VT hardware virtualization extensions enabled.

16 logical CPUs*

RAM 32 GB**

1 disk: system + metadata, 100+ GB SATA HDD

1 disk: storage, SATA HDD, size as required


1 GbE for storage traffic

1 GbE (VLAN tagged) for other traffic

* A logical CPU is a core (thread) in a multicore (multithreading) processor.

** Each chunk server (CS), e.g., storage disk, requires 1 GB of RAM (0.5 GB anonymous memory + 0.5 GB page cache). The total page cache limit is 12 GB. In addition, each metadata server (MDS) requires 0.2 GB of RAM + 0.1 GB per 100TB of physical storage space.