6.5. Managing Nodes

This section describes how to manage nodes in relation to target groups.

6.5.1. Adding Nodes to Target Groups

To add a node to a target group, create a configuration file with details about target WWN and portal. The target will be created automatically on the added node. One node can be added to multiple target groups and the same network interfaces on it can be used simultaneously by multiple targets from different groups.

For example:

# vstorage-target node-add -node bbfd0e7a26b1406d -tg 3d8364f5-b830-4211-85af-3a19d30ebac4 \
-targets target.json

This command adds the node with the ID bbfd0e7a26b1406d to the target group with the ID 3d8364f5-b830-4211-85af-3a19d30ebac4 and creates a target on it according to the target.json configuration file that looks as follows:

    "NodeId": "bbfd0e7a26b1406d",
    "WWN": "iqn.2013-10.com.vstorage:test2",
    "Portals": [
        "Addr": "",
        "Port": 3260

6.5.2. Setting Node Status

To enable or disable a node in a specific target group or all target groups at once, use the vstorage-target node-set command. Enabling a node starts its targets while disabling a node stops its targets and moves the PREFERRED bit to another node.

For example, to enable a node with the ID bbfd0e7a26b1406d in all target groups it belongs to, run

# vstorage-target node-set -tg any -node bbfd0e7a26b1406d -enable

To disable a node with the ID bbfd0e7a26b1406d in the target group with the ID 3d8364f5-b830-4211-85af-3a19d30ebac4, allowing 60 seconds to move the preferred path to another node (i.e. target), run

# vstorage-target node-set -tg 3d8364f5-b830-4211-85af-3a19d30ebac4 -node bbfd0e7a26b1406d \
-disable -release-timeout 60

The release-timeout parameter sets time in seconds that the initiator has to move the preferred (Active/Optimized) path following the PREFERRED bit. If the initiator fails to do so within the given time, the disable operation is cancelled and the node remains enabled. The PREFERRED bit, however, is still moved to another node.

The -force parameter stops the target(s) on the node at once without moving the PREFERRED bit.

6.5.3. Deleting Nodes from Target Groups

To delete a node from a target group, use the vstorage-target node-del command. You can delete nodes only after disabling them in specified target groups. Deleting a node also deletes the targets on that node. For example:

# vstorage-target node-del -tg 3d8364f5-b830-4211-85af-3a19d30ebac4 -node bbfd0e7a26b1406d

This command deletes the node with the ID bbfd0e7a26b1406d from the target group with the ID 3d8364f5-b830-4211-85af-3a19d30ebac4. The node is already disabled in the target group (see Setting Node Status).