2.5. Stopping Virtuozzo Storage iSCSI Targets

To stop a Virtuozzo Storage iSCSI target to which no initiators are connected, use the vstorage-iscsi stop command. For example, for the target iqn.2014-04.com.vstorage:test1:

# vstorage-iscsi stop -t iqn.2014-04.com.vstorage:test1

If one or more iSCSI initiators are still connected to the target, you will be informed as follows:

# vstorage-iscsi stop -t iqn.2014-04.com.vstorage:test1
initiators still connected
Initiator:   iqn.1994-05.com.redhat:c678b9f6f0 (
Unable stop target iqn.2014-04.com.vstorage:test1

In this case, disconnect the iSCSI initiator according to the product manual and run the vstorage-iscsi stop command again.

To forcibly stop a target to which one or more initiators are still connected, add the -f option to the command above. For example:

# vstorage-iscsi stop -t iqn.2014-04.com.vstorage:test1 -f

Breaking the iSCSI connection in such a way may result in I/O errors on the iSCSI initiator’s side.