3.1. Hardware Requirements

Virtuozzo Storage is a software-defined storage solution designed for multi-server cluster environments. The minimum number of servers required for Virtuozzo Storage is:

  • three servers are a minimum for test and PoC deployments that do not involve performance benchmarking,
  • five or more servers are recommended for performance testing and production.


While it is technically possible to deploy and use Virtuozzo Storage and Docker on just one server, such a setup will not let you fully explore the features of Virtuozzo Storage or use Docker Swarm.

Virtuozzo Storage can effectively scale up to hundreds of servers and terabytes of data. Several dozens of servers in a single storage cluster is a common production configuration.

Virtuozzo Storage performs best when SSD storage is used for journaling and data caching, in addition to rotational disks for cold data. For more details on the recommended hardware configuration, refer to the Virtuozzo Storage 2 Installation Guide or contact your sales representative.