4.1. Standard Kickstart Options

Your kickstart file may include any of the standard Linux options used in kickstart files for installing Linux operating systems. For the full list of these options and their explanations, consult the respective Linux documentation (e.g., the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Installation Guide).

Listed below are the mandatory options and commands that you must include in each kickstart file.

Option Description




Specifies authentication options for the Virtuozzo Storage physical server.
cdrom Install the product from the first optical drive.
cmdline Perform the installation in the unattended mode.
firstboot --enable Starts the Setup Agent the first time the system is booted.
keyboard Sets the system keyboard type.
lang Sets the language to use during installation and the default language to use on the installed system.
rootpw --iscrypted <value> Sets the root password for the server in the encrypted form.
selinux --disabled Disables SElinux.
services --enabled="chronyd" Enables time synchronization via NTP.
timezone <zone> Sets the system time zone.
autopart --type=lvm Sets the partitioning type to LVM.