4.2. Virtuozzo Storage Kickstart Options

Along with standard Linux options, Virtuozzo Storage provides a number of specific parameters and keywords that you need to add to your kickstart file.

The table below lists the parameters you can use.


Virtuozzo Storage must have only one disk dedicated for the system. Specify it in the <system_disk> parameter.

Parameter Description
ignoredisk --only-use=<system_disk> The disk to install the product to. Other disks will be ignored.


--append=" crashkernel=auto"



Sets bootloader parameters.

Sets kernel parameters.

Sets the boot record location.

Sets the drive to boot from.

clearpart --all --initlabel



Removes all partitions from the system disk and initializes invalid partition tables.

The system drive to clear partitions from.

Sets the system disk’s label to gpt.

network --bootproto=dhcp


--ipv6=auto --activate

Specifies the method to obtain network configuration with.

Specifies the network adapter to configure.

Sets the network adapter’s IPv6 address and activates the adapter in the installer environment.