3.1. Installing Management Panel

To start installing Virtuozzo Storage, do the following:

  1. Burn the distribution ISO image onto a DVD disc.

  2. Boot the server from the DVD drive.

  3. On the welcome screen, choose Install Virtuozzo Storage. After the installation program loads, you will see the Installation Summary screen.

  4. Open the INSTALLATION DESTINATION screen and select a device in the Device Selection section. Configure other options if required.

  5. Open the VIRTUOZZO STORAGE screen, in the Component Installation section, choose Management Panel and Storage.

  6. Make sure that the appropriate network interface is selected in both Management Panel network and Management network drop-down lists.

  7. Create a password for a superadmin account of the management panel, confirm it in the corresponding field, and memorize it.

  8. Click Done and Begin Installation. While Virtuozzo Storage is installing, create a password for the root account. Installation will not finish until the password is created.

Once the installation is complete, the node will reboot automatically.