2.1. Minimal Hardware Requirements

Virtuozzo Storage works on top of commodity hardware, so you can create a cluster from regular servers, disk, and network cards. At least five physical servers are required to evaluate all Virtuozzo Storage features.

The following table lists minimal hardware required for a single node in the cluster:

CPU Dual-core
Disks Three 100GB HDDs
Network 1 Gbps or faster network interface

Even though five physical servers are recommended for the minimal configuration, you can start evaluating Virtuozzo Storage with just one server and add more nodes later. At the very least, an Virtuozzo Storage can be run on a single server or virtual machine. However, such a configuration will have several limitations:

  • No data redundancy and protection will be provided. Failure of any disk will result in data loss.
  • No high availability. Just one server or virtual machine will be a single point of failure. If it fails or stops, the entire cluster will stop working.