4.1. Mounting NFS Exports on Linux

You can mount an NFS export created in Virtuozzo Storage like any other directory exported via NFS. You will need the share hostname (or IP address) and the volume identifier. For example:

# mount -t nfs -o vers=4.0 -o sec=krb5 share1.example.com:/0200000000000002/export1 /mnt/nfs


  • -o vers=4.0 is the NFS version to use. To use pNFS, change -o vers=4.0 to -o vers=4.1. In all other cases, make sure to always specify NFS version 4.0 or newer.
  • -o sec=krb5 is required if your service provider uses Kerberos authentication in NFS shares.
  • share1.example.com is the share hostname. You can also use IP addresses.
  • /0200000000000002/export1 is the path to export.
  • /mnt/nfs is an existing local directory to mount the export to.