Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK C API Reference
PRL_NET Macros Macros
PRL_NET Macros
Unable to use adapter because it is already used by another virtual network 
Classful network traffic counting info. 
  • Network

Operation succeeded, but failed to change Network Adapter IP-address. 
Failed to setup offline-management configuration for VM 
Failed to setup packet filter for VM Adapter. 
Invalid DHCP scope ip addresses format 
Minimum ip addresses in scope range are 16 
+++ ALIGNED VALUE TO 4200 +++ Broken network config 
Mask must match DHCP scope ip addresses 
Invalid DHCP ip address format 
Invalid host ip address format 
Invalid network mask format 
Unable to add shared network because it is already exists 
Shared network prohibited on server 
Error while connect VMDevice: Misconfiguration in virtual network. 
Error while connect VMDevice: Specified virtual network is disabled. 
Error while connect VMDevice: Adapter for virtual network does not exist. 
Error while connect VMDevice: network for VM Network Adapter does not exist. 
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