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Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK C API Reference
Organization of This Guide

This guide is organized into the following chapters: 

Functions by Handle. Contains sections describing handles, each of which contains a list of functions that can operate on that handle. Each section contains information about the purpose of a handle and how to obtain a reference to it. Function subsections contain the usual reference information such as syntax, parameters, return codes, and remarks. You can search the guide for a specific function or a keyword or you can scroll through the handle list, find the handle providing the functionality of interest, and then look for a specific function in its function list. 

Common Functions. Contains information about common and system functions. 

Remote Desktop Access. Contains information about functions that can be used to remotely capture screenshots of a virtual machine desktop and to send keyboard and mouse commands to it. 

Callback Prototypes. Describes callback function prototypes that are used to implement your own callback functions for use in asynchronous calls. 

Types. Contains a list of types used throughout the API. 

Structs, Records, Enums. Contains information about structures, records, and enumerations used throughout the API. 

Macros. Describes macros used in the API. 

Files. Contains a list of the Virtuozzo C API header files. You can look at individual files in this chapter and see the functions, types (etc.) that they contain. 

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