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Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK C API Reference
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The PHT_BOOT_DEVICE handle is used to manage boot devices in a virtual machine. The handle is obtained by calling the PrlVmCfg_GetBootDev or the PrlVmCfg_CreateBootDev function. The first function is used to obtain a handle to an existing device in the boot priority list. The second function creates a new handle and is used to add a new device to the list.


A virtual machine can boot from a variety of devices, such as hard disk drives, floppy drives, removable drives, network etc. The PHT_BOOT_DEVICE object provides functions that can be used to obtain the information about and to modify a device in the boot priority list. 

Each device in the boot priority list is uniquely identified by type (see PRL_DEVICE_TYPE) and index (a numeric ID). This allows to include more than one device of a particular type in the list (e.g more than one hard disk drive). Please note that each virtual device has an index assigned to it in the main virtual machine configuration. The same index is used to identify a device in the boot priority list. 

The position of the device in the list is determined by a sequence index assigned to it, starting from 0 and up. The highest boot priority index (the first device to boot from) is 0. 

When creating a virtual machine using a default configuration, the boot device priority list is configured automatically.

Note: Any boot device list modification must begin with the PrlVm_BeginEdit and end with the PrlVm_Commit call. These two functions are used to detect collisions with other clients trying to make similar modifications to the same virtual machine. See PrlBootDev_SetSequenceIndex for code sample. 
Obtains the boot device index. 
Obtains the boot device sequence index. 
Returns the boot device type. 
Determines whether the boot device is enabled or disabled. 
Removes the boot device from the boot priority list. 
Sets the boot device index. 
Enables or disables the boot device. 
Assigns a sequence index to a boot device in the boot priority list. 
Sets the boot device type. 
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