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Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK C API Reference
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The PHT_HW_HARD_DISK_PARTITION handle is used to manage partitions of a physical hard disk installed on the host computer. The handle is obtained by calling the PrlSrvCfgHdd_GetPart function. The handle is derived from PHT_HW_GENERIC_DEVICEt, which provides additional functions.

Returns the index of the specified hard disk partition. 
Returns a hard disk partition name. 
Returns the hard disk partition size. 
Returns a hard disk partition system name. 
Returns a numerical code identifying the type of the specified partition. 
Determines whether a disk partition is active or inactive. 
Determines whether a disk partition is in use, that is, whether it contains a valid file system, being used for swap or by a database, etc. 
Determines whether the specified partition is a logical partition. 
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