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Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK C API Reference
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The PHT_JOB handle provides methods for managing asynchronous operations.


Every asynchronous function in the Virtuozzo API returns a handle of type PHT_JOB. An asynchronous function returns immediately and the corresponding task is processed in a background thread. The returned job object is used as a reference to the job. While the operation is running, the job object can be used to find out the status of the operation, to get a progress report, or to cancel the job if needed. When the job completes, the job object is populated with the operation return code and the operation result (where applicable). The methods provided by the object can be used to extract this information. Once you are done processing the results, you must destroy the job object using the PrlHandle_Free function. For detailed information about jobs and asynchronous functions, please also see the Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK Programmer's Guide.

Cancel the specified job. 
The PrlJob_GetDataPtr function is used to obtain a pointer to a buffer containing the results of an asynchronous operation. 
Provides additional job error information. 
Returns the job operation code. 
Obtains a job progress report. 
Obtains a handle of type PHT_RESULT containing the result returned by the job. 
Obtains the return code from the specified job object. 
Obtains the current status of the specified job. 
Returns the sign whether request was sent to remote side or was aborted by some local reasons (wrong params passed or something else). 
The PrlJob_Wait function allows to use asynchronous functions synchronously. 
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