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Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK C API Reference
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The PHT_SERVER_INFO handle is a container that contains information about a host machine. The information includes the Virtuozzo Service port number, host name, OS version, product version, and host machine UUID. To obtain this information for the specified Virtuozzo Service, use the PrlSrv_GetServerInfo function. You can also search for Virtuozzo Services running on your network by executing the PrlSrv_LookupParallelsServers function. The function returns a list of PHT_SERVER_INFO handles for the Virtuozzo Services that it finds. The returned information can be used to establish a connection with the Virtuozzo Service of interest.

Returns the application mode of server. 
Returns the port number at which the Virtuozzo Service is listening for requests. 
Returns the name of the machine hosting the specified Virtuozzo Service. 
Returns the version of the host operating system. 
Returns the Virtuozzo product version number. 
Returns the host machine UUID (universally unique ID). 
Returns the service start time in milliseconds since Epoch (01-01-1970). 
Returns the service start time in milliseconds (monotonic time clock). 
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