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Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK C API Reference
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The PHT_SYSTEM_STATISTICS handle is used to obtain performance statistics for the host computer or an individual virtual machine.


There are two main methods for obtaining a handle of type PHT_SYSTEM_STATISTICS:

  1. Using PrlSrv_GetStatistics (for host statistics) or PrlVm_GetStatistics (for virtual machine statistics).
  2. Using PrlSrv_SubscribeToHostStatistics (for host statistics) or PrlVm_SubscribeToGuestStatistics (for virtual machine statistics) to receive statistics events, and PrlSrv_UnsubscribeFromHostStatistics or PrlVm_UnsubscribeFromGuestStatistics to stop receiving statistics events. A callback function (event handler) implementation is required to use subscriptions.
The PHT_SYSTEM_STATISTICS object provides methods for obtaining handles to objects containing the performance data of a specific type. It also provides methods for obtaining memory statistics directly from it. The steps in obtaining the performance data are as follows:
  1. Obtain a handle of type PHT_SYSTEM_STATISTICS.
  2. To obtain memory statistics, use the functions provided by the object.
  3. For other statistics (CPU, disk, network, etc.), first use a corresponding function to obtain a handle of a particular type, and then use the functions of the received object to get the statistics.

Determines the number of handles of type PHT_SYSTEM_STATISTICS_CPU contained in the specified PHT_SYSTEM_STATISTICS object. 
Obtains a handle of type PHT_SYSTEM_STATISTICS_CPU containing the specified CPU statistics. 
Returns free RAM size in bytes. 
Returns the total virtual machine usage time in seconds. 
Returns the amount of physical memory, in bytes, currently occupied by the virtual machine. 
Returns total RAM size in bytes. 
Returns the size RAM currently in use (in bytes). 
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