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Virtuozzo Virtualization SDK C API Reference
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The PHT_USER_PROFILE handle is used to obtain information about the currently logged in user and for setting the user preferences. The handle is obtained by calling the PrlSrv_GetUserProfile function. To obtain information about any user (not just the currently logged on user), see the PHT_USER_INFO handle.


All modifications to the user profile must begin with the PrlSrv_UserProfileBeginEdit function call and end with the PrlSrv_UserProfileCommit call. The functions are used to detect collisions with other clients trying to modify the profile of the same user at the same time. The functions do not lock the profile being edited. If a collision is detected on commit, the changes are rejected.

Determines if the current user can modify Virtuozzo Service preferences (PHT_DISP_CONFIG). 
Determines if the user is allowed to use the Virtuozzo Service management console utility. 
Returns name and path of the default virtual machine directory for this user. 
Returns name and path of the default virtual machine folder for this Virtuozzo Service. 
Determines if the user is a local administrator account on the host where Virtuozzo Service started. 
Allows to set a default virtual machine folder for the user. 
Sets user default VM dir. 
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