Contributing to libvirt

This page provides guidance on how to contribute to the libvirt project

Contributions required

The libvirt project is always looking for new contributors to participate in ongoing activities. While code development is a major part of the project, assistance is needed in many other areas including documentation writing, bug triage, testing, application integration, website / wiki content management, translation, branding, social media and more. The only requirement is an interest in virtualization and desire to help.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of areas in which people can contribute to libvirt. If you have ideas for other contributions feel free to follow them.


For full details on contacting other project contributors read the contact page. There are two main channels that libvirt uses for communication between contributors:

Mailing lists

The project has a number of mailing lists for general communication between contributors. In general any design discussions and review of contributions will take place on the mailing lists, so it is important for all contributors to follow the traffic.

Instant messaging / chat

Contributors to libvirt are encouraged to join the IRC channel used by the project, where they can have live conversations with others members.

Student / outreach coding programs

Since 2016, the libvirt project directly participates as an organization in the Google Summer of Code program. Prior to this the project had a number of students in the program via a joint application with the QEMU project. People are encouraged to look at both the libvirt and QEMU programs to identify potentially interesting projects to work on.