1.1. Hardware Node Requirements

To install Virtuozzo DevOps, you will need a single hardware node (i.e. physical server) that meets the following requirements. You will be able to add more nodes later via the Admin Panel.

Node hardware requirements:

  • CPU(s): x86-64 (Intel is preferred); 4 cores minimum (16 or more recommended).


    Low-voltage CPUs (i.e. Intel Atom) are strongly not recommended due to poor performance.

  • RAM: 8GB minimum, 16GB or more recommended.

  • Disk: 300 GB or more of usable storage for one-server installation, including:

    • 30 GB minimum for OS,

    • 35 GB for the infrastructure,

    • storage for end users’ containers (/vz directory). A single container may occupy from 700 to 1700 MB of disk space. So, for example, about 100 containers will require at least 150 GB of disk space plus space for user data inside the containers.


      To improve performance and make further system upgrades easier, place the /vz directory on a separate partition formatted to ext4.