2. Installing Virtuozzo DevOps

Having prepared the hardware node(s), make sure you have an email with the download URL and your unique serial number (if you do not have it, request one at https://virtuozzo.com/products/devops).

To install Virtuozzo DevOps, do the following:

  1. Run the following command on the hardware node:

    # curl --insecure -S \
    "https://license.jelastic.com/installer?email={your_email}&serial={your_serial_number}" > \
    vz_for_devops_install.sh; bash ./vz_for_devops_install.sh

    The hardware node will be validated.

    If the installation requirements are not met, a warning will be displayed. For example:


    If the validation is successful, a link will be displayed. For example:


    To continue the installation, visit the link in a web browser.

  2. On the web page, fill out all the fields. For example:


    You will need to provide:

    1. System User Email, the email address for the administrator account. All installation-related emails and access credentials will be sent to this address.

    2. Platform Entry Point IP, the IP address at which your applications will be accessible by default. Make sure this IP address is routable and not already in use.

      The Platform Entry Point IP address can be external or internal:

      • Use an external IPv4 address to make applications accessible from the Internet.
      • Use an internal IPv4 address outside the range Internal (Private) Subnet (see further) to make applications only accessible from the internal network.
    3. Domain, the domain, e.g., mydomain.example.com, delegated to the IP address specified in the Platfrom Entry Point IP field.

    4. Internal (Private) Subnet, an unused subnetwork with mask, e.g., IP addresses from which will be used by application components for intercommunication. All incoming external connections will pass through the Platform Entry Point IP address. For larger installations, a or larger subnetwork may be required, depending on the number of applications you plan to run. Each application component and instance (such as database, web, etc.) will use an IP from this subnetwork.

    5. Host Root Password, root password to the server where Virtuozzo DevOps will be installed. The password is required to automatically join this server as the first compute node to the Virtuozzo DevOps cluster that will be created during the installation.

  3. Next, zone delegation will be verified and you will be notified of results. If the zone was not delegated correctly, you will see a warning (see further) and will still be able to proceed with installation and fix zone delegation later.


    After you click PROCEED, the last installation steps will be performed. You will be able to track the progress in the installer output. For example:


Typically, the installation takes about 30-40 minutes, depending on the download speed and your server performance.

After the installation is completed, you will see access credentials for the Admin and Dev panels. For example:

  1. If you are installing Virtuozzo DevOps on Amazon or Azure, also perform steps in Post-Installation Configuration for Amazon and Azure.

After the installation, the Admin Panel will be available at http://jca.{your_domain} and the developer dashboard will be available at http://app.{your_domain}.

For information on how to start working with Virtuozzo DevOps after the installation, read the following documentation: