Backup storage in a virtual machine

VMware vSphere is the only officially supported hypervisor for running Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure. Do not use other virtualization platforms as it may result in data corruption.

To be able to run the Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure on VMware vSphere, make sure the following requirements are met:

  • VMware vSphere version: 6.7 and newer
  • VM version: 14 and newer
  • The host should have enough memory. At least 8 GB of RAM is required for a node with one storage disk running Backup Gateway.
  • The vSphere datastore should have enough free storage space. Each virtual machine occupies at least 425 GB (two 200 GB storage disks and a 25 GB system disk). The Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure template also takes up about 35 GB. The maximum recommended size for one virtual disk is 16 TB.

    Plan the size of virtual disks beforehand and reserve enough space for the expected data growth. The disks cannot be resized later, though you might add new ones (refer to the Backup Gateway Quick Start Guide for VMware vSphere).