Managing access control lists

An access control list (ACL) limits access to chosen LUNs for specific initiators. Initiators not on the list have access to all LUNs in iSCSI target groups.


To add an initiator to a target group’s ACL

  1. Open Storage services > Block storage > Target groups, and then click the desired target group in the list (anywhere except the group’s name).
  2. In the group right pane, click Access control, and then click the pencil icon.

  3. In the Access control window, select the ACL check box, and then click Add.

  4. In the Add ACL window, specify the initiator’s IQN, enter an alias, select the LUNs that it will be able to access, and then click Add. The initiator will appear in the ACL.

  5. Having populated the ACL with initiators, click Save.

To edit or delete initiators in the ACL

  1. Click the pencil icon in target group details.
  2. In the Access control window, click the pencil icon of the desired initiator then click Edit or Delete.
  3. Having changed the ACL, click Save.