Re-registering backup storage in a new Acronis Cyber Protect instance

To switch configured backup storage to a different Acronis Cyber Protect instance, you need to re-register the gateway with that instance.


To re-register backup storage

Admin panel

  1. On the Storage services > Backup storage screen, go to the Settings tab, and then click Re-registration.
  2. Specify the hostname/IP address of the target management server and the port 9877 (for example,, and then enter your credentials for the management server.

    The address must be provided by using the HTTP protocol, not HTTPS.
  3. Click Save.

Command-line interface

Use the following command:

vinfra service backup cluster re-register --domain <domain>
                                          --reg-account <reg-account>
                                          --reg-server <reg-server> [--stdin]
--domain <domain>
Domain name for the backup cluster
--reg-account <reg-account>
Partner account in the cloud or of an organization administrator on the local management server
--reg-server <reg-server>
URL of the cloud management portal or the hostname/IP address and port of the local management server
Use for setting registration password from stdin.

For example, to re-register the backup cluster in a new Acronis Cyber Protect instance, run:

# vinfra service backup cluster re-register --domain \
--reg-account --reg-server --stdin

Specify the registration password when prompted.