Adding nodes to the compute cluster


  • A clear understanding of the limitations listed in High availability and the compute cluster.
  • Ensure that time is synchronized on a node that will be added to the compute cluster. For automatic time synchronization, the node must have access to the Internet and the chronyd service must be running. To synchronize time immediately, manually restart the service by running systemctl restart chronyd.

To add nodes to the compute cluster

Admin panel

  1. Go to the Compute > Nodes screen, and then click Add node.
  2. In the Add node window, select nodes to add to the compute cluster, and then click Add.

The added nodes will appear on the Nodes screen.

Command-line interface

Use the following command:

vinfra service compute node add [--compute] [--controller] [--force] <node>
Compute node role
Compute controller node role
Skip checks for minimal hardware requirements
Node ID or hostname

For example, to add the node node005.vstoragedomain to the compute cluster with the compute role, run:

# vinfra service compute node add node005.vstoragedomain --compute

The added node will appear in the vinfra service compute node list output:

# vinfra service compute node list
| id               | host                   | state         | roles        |
| 7ffa9540-5a20<…> | node001.vstoragedomain | healthy       | - controller |
|                  |                        |               | - compute    |
| 6e8afc28-7f71<…> | node002.vstoragedomain | healthy       | - compute    |
| 02ff64ae-5800<…> | node003.vstoragedomain | healthy       | - compute    |
| 827a1f4e-56e5<…> | node004.vstoragedomain | healthy       | - compute    |
| 37c70bfb-c289<…> | node005.vstoragedomain | reconfiguring | - compute    |