Supported Amazon S3 object expiration actions

The Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure implementation of the Amazon S3 object lifecycle only supports object expiration by prefix. Deleting objects by tag is not available. The rule definition for object expiration is similar to that for bucket policies.

The following S3 object expiration actions are currently supported:

  • Expiration. Deletes objects by age or by date. In case of versioning, inserts a delete marker, which becomes the latest version of an object. Delete markers are not removed.
  • NonCurrentVersionExpiration. Deletes an object version after it has become non-current for the specified number of days.
  • AbortIncompleteMultipartUpload. Aborts a multipart upload that has not completed during the specified number of days.
  • ExpiredObjectDeleteMarker. Deletes a delete marker as soon as there are no other versions of an object.