3.3. Configuring SR-IOV VFs Network Adapters

There are a few configuration steps required to create SR-IOV VFs network adapters:

  • Identify network cards on your system and verify SR-IOV support.

  • Verify that IOMMU is supported and loaded by your kernel when booting.

  • Define how many SR-IOV VFs network adapters are created.

  • Enable persistent device creation after reboot.

  1. Identify the available network cards.

    # lshw -c network -businfo
  2. Use the Bus info (without the pci@ part) from the previous step output to check for SR-IOV support. For example, on the enp360f0 device:

    # lspci -vs 0000:24:00.0
  3. Create SR-IOV VFs network adapter. You need to set the required adapters’ number (one, in our example):

    # echo 1 > /sys/class/net/enp36s0f0/device/sriov_numvfs
  4. Verify that adapters were correctly created.

    # lshw -c network -businfo
  5. To make these changes permanent, you can create the following udev rules file (use the name of your interface as the file name).

    # vim /etc/udev/rules.d/enp36s0f0.rules
    ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="net", ENV{ID_NET_DRIVER}=="ixgbe",ATTR{device/sriov_numvfs}="1"