1. Integration Overview

In this document, when we refer to BitNinja integration, we are referring to the ways in which a cloud provider can make the BitNinja Full-Server Protection Service available on their Billing Platform marketplace.

The installation of the BitNinja Full-Server protection software itself to protect a workload is very simple, it’s just a one-line installation step which we will also describe.

Our goal is to help cloud providers drive consumption, by simplifying how the end user can purchase the BitNinja Solution Software and offer it as a service on the cloud provider’s Billing/Marketplace platforms integrated with our solutions (VHI, VHS and OnApp).

We will discuss the following methods:

  • WHMCS’s BitNinja Marketplace module (Free).

  • HostBill’s BitNinja Marketplace module (Available with the “All inclusive” HostBill License or the developer addon $99 one-time purchase).

WHMCS and HostBill are billing platforms which also offer leverage a marketplace where the cloud provider can create VPSs packages or sell additional services. We recommend using the available modules for WHMCS and HostBill.

This guide will provide a basic overview of the BitNinja solution, enumerate minimum system requirements for the workloads to be protected, and will walk you through the different integration methods. We will also look at the limitations, available support, and documentation for the BitNinja Full-stack server protection on Virtuozzo Hybrid Infrastructure.