3. Providing Access to Hystax Acura Portal

In order to allow users to manage their migration workloads, we can create a user with project scope from the Hystax Acura web interface.

  1. Login to the Hystax Acura Solution web interface and click on the Settings tab on the left-hand side. Then click on Roles and click Add.

  2. Assign the necessary permissions to the role. We will provide full access to the TriangleCakes target cloud.

  3. Now we will add a new user. Click Users and then click Add. Fill in all the information and select the Customer:Customer name as Organization.

  4. Click on the newly create user in order to assign a role to the user.

  5. Click Add in the Role section and add the role.


The user, at this point, will be able to login to the Hystax Acura web interface and perform and the Migration as a Service (self-service migration).