2.4. Installing in the Graphics Mode

To install VzLinux in the graphics mode, choose Install VzLinux on the welcome screen. After the installation program loads, choose the language to use during the installation and click Continue. You will be taken to the Installation Summary screen. On it, you specify the parameters required to install VzLinux.


In the LOCALIZATION section:

  • In Keyboard, optionally add keyboard layouts and choose a key combination to switch between them.

  • In Language Support, optionally add more languages to install support for.

  • In Time & Date, optionally adjust time, date and time zone, add NTP servers, and enable network time.

In the SOFTWARE section:

  • In Installation Source, choose a source to install VzLinux from.

    If the machine is connected to the Internet, you can choose to install from the official repository that provides all available base environments and additional software (see Obtaining the Distribution).

    You may need to configure network in SYSTEM > Network & Host Name first.

  • In Software Selection, select the desired base environment and additional software for it.

In the SYSTEM section:

  • In Installation Destination, select the disk(s) to install VzLinux to. Choose Automatic in Storage Configuration to have the installer partition the disk(s). Otherwise, choose Custom in Storage Configuration to partition the disk(s) manually. In this case, it is recommended to have these partitions at least:

    • /boot for OS kernel and bootstrap files, 1 GiB or more

    • / (root), the top level of the directory structure, 10 GiB or more

    • /home, for user data, 1 GiB or more

    • swap, 1 GiB or more, depending on the system RAM:


      Recommended swap size

      Recommended swap size for hibernation

      Less than 2 GiB

      2 times the RAM size

      3 times the RAM size

      2 to 8 GiB

      Same as RAM size

      2 times the RAM size

      8 to 64 GiB

      4 GiB to 0.5 times the RAM size

      1.5 times the RAM size

      Over 64 GiB

      4 GiB or more, depends on workload

      Hibernation not recommended

    • /boot/efi, 200 to 600 MiB

  • In KDUMP, optionally toggle kernel crash dumping.

  • In Network & Host Name, configure the network and optionally edit the domain name.

When done, click Begin Installation. While the OS is being installed, set a password for the root user and create more users. After the installation is complete, click Reboot to boot to VzLinux. Make sure that the machine boots from the destination disk with the /boot partition.