1. Virtuozzo PowerPanel Overview

Virtuozzo PowerPanel is a solution for service providers that allows their customers to independently manage purchased virtual environments hosted on Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7 nodes. Virtuozzo PowerPanel eliminates the need for service providers to develop their own VPS management portals, helping them save resources and focus on their primary goals.

In terms of architecture, Virtuozzo PowerPanel consists of a single controller node and multiple Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7 compute nodes. The controller node runs the database, identity provider, API, VNC proxy, web server, and other required services while each compute node runs a compute service that interacts with Virtuozzo Hybrid Server 7.

Virtuozzo PowerPanel typically integrates with service provider’s identity database via LDAP. However, the service provider may also choose to create users locally on the controller node.

Virtuozzo PowerPanel has two modes: admin and user. The admin mode provides means to manage assignment of virtual environments to users while the user mode offers virtual environment management tools. The administrator logged in the admin mode can also switch to the user mode and back for complete control over virtual environments and their assignments.


Since the performance of specific actions in PowerPanel, such as password change in a virtual machine, etc., requires guest tools, we recommend installing the guest tools in your virtual machines to ensure the smooth functioning of most PowerPanel operations.