2.1. Listing Instances

GET /instances

Lists instances of the user specified by X-Effective-User-ID and X-Effective-Project-ID. If these headers are omitted, lists instances of all users unless filters are used.

Request parameters:

Name In Type Description
filter (Optional) query string Search a set of fields for occurences of this substring.
fields (Optional) query string A comma-separated list of search fields, which are name, uuid, and state. An admin can also search by the user_id and project_id fields.
limit (Optional) query integer The maximum number of elements to return.
marker (Optional) query string The UUID of the last item on the previous page (for pagination).

Request example:

# curl -s -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'X-Auth-Token: gAAAAA<...>' \
-H 'X-Effective-User-ID: c3862f44c4bc48358db62ae22d684f33' \
-H 'X-Effective-Project-ID: 04e0d744d0f544c69ff7c17db5c8b4b9' \

Response example:

    "backup_limit": "3",
    "config": {
      "cpu": "1",
      "hostname": "test2.example.com",
      "memory": "256",
      "os-name": "CentOS Linux",
      "storage": "10240",
      "vnc-encrypted": "False",
      "vnc-key": "",
      "vnc-port": "0",
      "vnc-status": "False"
    "host": "ctrl0.example.com",
    "image": "centos-7",
    "ips": [
    "name": "ve-242fae68-5fd0-4420-a5ec-e7852ed9ba1c",
    "project_id": "04d99efea4464248811f19a9a5b85c83",
    "sdk_name": "10001",
    "state": "running",
    "type": "ct",
    "user_id": "d5fdd55f2280407f9f263532985f11a2",
    "uuid": "242fae68-5fd0-4420-a5ec-e7852ed9ba1c"